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  • Why Every African Should Be Rich: Lessons From an African Childhood

    There is one unique thing about every person in the dark continent; we all had a Jumanji kind of childhood. Well, if you are in Africa and you have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s either you are a highborn* or you’ve never heard of Jumanji. But come to think of it… Jumanji sounds […]

  • Reblog: I Still Love You

    It still makes me angry to think of you Sometimes I wonder if you’ve moved on Then I remember all the things you did I can’t believe I ever let you into my life Like an unexpected storm you turned it upside down Love isn’t supposed to hurt like this Love is supposed to be […]

  • Emoji/Smiley challenge: Gratitude, Just Comment With an Emoji 😍

    Hello, it’s a Saturday again so let’s post the emojis, shall we? Please think through your day, remember that one or a thousand things you were happy about. Feel free to share… After you post your emoji for this Saturday

  • Emoji/Smiley challenge: Just Comment With an Emoji

    Hi, it’s almost end of Saturday here. Describe your day today with an emoji.😊 Let’s get those 1036 comments 💃🤣

  • Be Careful What You Say…

    Because what you say in a conflict,Determines who is the bad and the good,It doesn’t matter who was right or wrong,But silence kills the monster withinIt is the water that cools off volcanoesIf you are not good in word choice,Then let silence win the game for you.

  • My Unexplained Love.

    I would write a for whole day about you. I would clear all the ink in the world just to put YOU on paper. I know so little about you, yet I feel like you are the closest to me. Maybe it’s because I have put you there, or maybe you forced your way around.I […]

  • This is a Relationship Not a Debate

    Hey there, I’m writing this to you as a fellow woman and a very caring one at that. I know your friends since high school and your auntie told you that you don’t need to bow to no man and I somehow agree with them because you are a precious creation that should be treated […]

  • Relationships and Temperaments (i)

    As we earlier discussed in communication and sex, it is evident that any relationship that does not embrace the art of communication is headed downhill. In this post, we shall discuss the importance of temperaments in communication. Did you know that temperaments are hereditary and can therefore not be changed? Now you know. There are four […]

  • Communication and Sex

    photo credit womenfitness.com You are married to him, that is GREAT! But you are unhappy. You feel sad and lonely as if he is never really there. Like you are some kind of some sex toy, he comes, gets out after two minutes then he blacks out till morning! Boring, right? But you wonder why you […]

  • Please Leave Me a Comment

    Good evening? (It is night here in East Africa). It’s yet another week and I must say that I have been holding on just fine, God has been gracious. How are you doing? Are you already used to this Corona situation like I have? Trust me it’s for the best… Anyway, enough of the current […]