Battles in Me #3

Continued from Battles in Me #2 All i wanted was to be a song,Coz life in a musical looks all gold and long.And songs solve all there is..Happiness, sadness, Loneliness, excitement…It would be impossible to live without a song! Maybe I could be in the lips of all men,To soothe their souls when hope showsContinue reading “Battles in Me #3”

Sweet Sweet Kiss – The Poem

Thanks to for the photo inspiration My lovely hearty parrot,When can I see you again?Last time you said you’ll always be sad,Without the sight of me…Are your eyes as teary as I imagine?Do you even remember me? Parrot, you must be a young woman now.The girls in my area don’t give me peace.Yet, IContinue reading “Sweet Sweet Kiss – The Poem”

Blog Recap; Alone #

When I found you, I thought..That the gaps in me would find a fillWhen I saw, you I felt a lamp,A light that burnt.I heard a love calling,Like an ecstatic scream…Reaching to the depths of infinity.And yes.I was longing for a yearn..More than for the one to fulfil it. Then here you came, uninvited.You wreckedContinue reading “Blog Recap; Alone #”

Free Way To Earn Money Online!!!

Hello Friends,I’ve been doing my rounds on the internet and I found an interesting survey site! If you’ve been looking for a way to earn some dollars online, this site’s got you! It’s called (Surveytime). With (Surveytime) you will earn $1 for any survey that you complete. Awesome, right? The better news is that it’sContinue reading “Free Way To Earn Money Online!!!”

Mama, You Never Taught Me To Love Myself

Not so long ago, I was a small child.I looked up to you, I tagged along.Not too long ago, I was a little girl.And I cried daily over matters of no weight.Yet, you never showed me your tears,Whether you cried in litres, jugs or tanks.Mama, you placed me before your needs.You never told me toContinue reading “Mama, You Never Taught Me To Love Myself”