Battles in Me #3

Continued from Battles in Me #2 All i wanted was to be a song,Coz life in a musical looks all gold and long.And songs solve all there is..Happiness, sadness, Loneliness, excitement…It would be impossible to live without a song! Maybe I could be in the lips of all men,To soothe their souls when hope showsContinue reading “Battles in Me #3”

Sweet Sweet Kiss – The Poem

Thanks to for the photo inspiration My lovely hearty parrot,When can I see you again?Last time you said you’ll always be sad,Without the sight of me…Are your eyes as teary as I imagine?Do you even remember me? Parrot, you must be a young woman now.The girls in my area don’t give me peace.Yet, IContinue reading “Sweet Sweet Kiss – The Poem”

Blog Recap; Alone #

When I found you, I thought..That the gaps in me would find a fillWhen I saw, you I felt a lamp,A light that burnt.I heard a love calling,Like an ecstatic scream…Reaching to the depths of infinity.And yes.I was longing for a yearn..More than for the one to fulfil it. Then here you came, uninvited.You wreckedContinue reading “Blog Recap; Alone #”