Battles in Me #Final Battle

I long to write love poems again,
To imagine my self in his arms once more,
Smiling all along with no sadness on my countenance.
I want my head to be filled with happy thoughts,
Of laughter, of chuckles when me and friends swim at the stream.

I want birds to hum their beautiful hymns in my subconscious,
To remind me of my imaginary country life
I want to be a child again,
To ride bicycles and race with my friends
And I wish that I could cry my sorrows away.
But I don’t want to cry, it’ll raise alarm.
A friend’s cried her sorrows out and my parents said.. “don’t be like that.”

I want to be a free bird,
And I want to be in a cage when I want to.
I want to feel at home, in this body that fights me.
I want to be me, without fear or shame.
They said fear exists in the thoughts of the future…
Maybe I went there and found my horrors.

The gifted

The gifted…
Donned with effortless might,
The people who never lose a fight.

The gifted,
Cherished by the lot in their spheres.
Not changed by times or tides.

The gifted,
Lovely in the eyes of them that see.
Dressed with an urge and need.

The gifted,
Specific in their talent and calling,
Doing things from the deep of the heart.

With what are you gifted?


I soooo ooo feel like this post right now. #two years ago.

I’ll tell you for sure, I once was a keeper of pigs, now I feel like one. Like a trash can unemptied; smelly and annoying.

I will show you once, how I’m filled with waste, all reason is gone; the love, the sorrow… everything. All that remains is regret.

I stay alarmed; my joy is stolen. I think of love, but all I get are tumults of lust; that burn my inside. I’ll tell you for sure, that I have slept with the pastor’s son, that I kissed him the whole night.

You can see that in my world, men are my job, I am their teddy. they hug and kiss, they cannot detach, they stay in love.

You can tell that in my house, men have eaten and enjoyed. They have killed me with pleasure. They have made me moan and mourn.

But of all these things, I have done none.

Even when I was married to my latest crush, when he would get jealous and make sweet love to me as punishment. Even when his romance made me want to evaporate, I was in sorrow.

Yes, the devil got me drunk in my desires, he likes it when I’m turned on. I do too, but my Lord doesn’t. It’s a bitter pursuit of eternal good, I am in the race; handsome men line my path. they spread rose petals and urge me to remove my shoes…

and after that my clothes and my dignity too. they urge me to lie down, to enjoy the massage on my back.

They compel me to fall in, feed me with sweet nectar forever. They tell me virgins use that path often, that none resists.

They come too strong, their love too sweet. they caress the whole of me until I’m almost gone. They flush my insides with sweet nectar but as the glass touches my lips, as the wine seeps and flow deep down, the thorns come in too, filling my joy with pain.


I found this lovely poem during my reading spree.. Please visit the writer for more amazing content πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Some see it.

Some choose to ignore

Slowly by slowly, it adds to more

More torture, more cries,

something I chose to adore!

I saw it coming, I read the signs also

So sad, my wound is now sore

Not wanting to believe became my new flaw

Dwelling in disappointments and hoping for more

Day by day, it had a new […]


Battles in Me #3

Continued from Battles in Me #2

All i wanted was to be a song,
Coz life in a musical looks all gold and long.
And songs solve all there is..
Happiness, sadness, Loneliness, excitement…
It would be impossible to live without a song!

Maybe I could be in the lips of all men,
To soothe their souls when hope shows its back.
To touch their hearts when their very skin runs away.
But I am the problem that I wish to solve.
I want to be a solution. Tell me, what do I do?

Deep down, I want to cry so much.
Coz I feel like it just rained and my heart is covered with puddles.
I wish to drain them out, to remain a dry ground
Or maybe tell me where I can find some seeds,
To plant a garden of sweet fruits in my heart.

The Battles in Me #2

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It’s an ache I so want to control,
A chilling pain yet hot as coal.
I want to scream but I have company.
I want to run but I have one home.
I wish for options but this is a tyranny.
It’s like longing to fly when…
You’re enclosed in a dome.

I am close with a few around.
And I want to open up but I’m bound.
Bound by tales so horrific,
Tales that we share, tales that scare.
And I care, I keep them safe from my terrors.
But since I don’t speak, they do.
…. Not every hurtful word is true.

So now, I’m torn between the two.
Between me and myself, separated by a laser wall.
A walk across is painfully transforming.
Who am I? What do I want?
I feel like a caged bird,
Who loves the care of his master,
And yet wished to explore the world

Everybody Needs Love

I met the sun at its rise today.
He was bathing the roses with his essence.
The sun flower was following his every move.
And the Lizard was enjoying his sweet caress.
Then the sun saw me and said…
“I envy the shine in the man you chase,
I saw him cross the hills just before dawn.
But I won’t tell you which way he went from thence,
Because I don’t want you to have him all for yourself,
And leave me void of the admiration you give every morning.”

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