Letter to The Night

When no one decided that two should stay, you enforced the bonds and made sure they forgot the day. When man plans to make some coins, you go on to make sure all lie. Is it true that the darkness in you causes eyes to involuntary close lids?

Night oh night! I know for the sake of your rights, man is granted rest. For the glory of your stars, children are made and memories baked. I know a photo of you stirs minds and ignites hearts but… Why?
Do you cook evil in men too?

Being us

“Eve was playing raining sand with her sister Ses. (Raining sand is a children’s game whereby they throw sand upwards and it drops all over) In one of the throws made by Ses, some sand got into Eve’s ears and she went frying to their mother that Ses had put sand into her ears. This earned Ses some strokes of cane and a strict reprimand.”

As parents, do we do things we would not approve of in similar cases? What do you think?

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