Temptations (The Next Level)

The RulesDear child, tread with care,The game as it is, has never been fair.Walk with your head held high,Yet with your heart to the ground.Recognize and maintain your position and,Whatever happens…Stand your ground,And do not leave your place. Let your eyes be open,As the windows of the sky.Make your heart as a sturdy stem,Your willContinue reading “Temptations (The Next Level)”

Opinion Poll: Please participate

Hey, I’m collecting info for an upcoming program. Please participate in my poll. Kindly post your answers in the comments. The link is showing an unsupported format 😩😩 Do you find blogging easy? What motivates you to keep blogging? What are the challenges are you facing as a blogger? CREATE YOUR OWN  Opinion Poll: PleaseContinue reading “Opinion Poll: Please participate”

Blog Recap: This is a Relationship Not a Debate

Hey there, I’m writing this to you as a fellow woman and a very caring one at that. I know your friends since high school and your auntie told you that you don’t need to bow to no man and I somehow agree with them because you are a precious creation that should be treatedContinue reading “Blog Recap: This is a Relationship Not a Debate”

Happy Madaraka Day, Kenya!

Today is a commemoration of the day when Kenya attained self – rule. Even with the Corona Virus crisis, the nation is still meeting at Jomo Kenyatta Stadium in Kisumu city… And we will be politicking 😂😂😂. Talking of Madaraka, Kisumu is the main opposition base in Kenya. The president, Uhuru Kenyatta has recently beenContinue reading “Happy Madaraka Day, Kenya!”