Author: Mariana Dynasty

  • Don’t Kill Yourself, please!

    Hello friends, I saw this on Facebook and I thought I should share, just to create awareness. Reach out to your friends and family, see how they are doing. If you are depressed, please find a little courage and reach out to someone. Sharing helps.

  • Watch “Pressure To Join Lesbianism Made Me Crash With My Parents” on YouTube

  • They Didn’t Stay

    They Didn’t Stay

    Buy me first 😏 They didn’t,Not when their eyes opened,When they saw greener fields.Not when they heard the sounds of streams.The water trickling with purity and clarity.They didn’t stay on this side of us,and they never carried us to the other. They didn’t!They heard a higher call.To do more and get more yields from the […]

  • Espera!


    It’s not the tears that form when my heart tears.It’s not the blood that flows when desperation bites.It’s not the sting that stabs when I remember my fears,Nor the loneliness that comes when they off the lights. The scenes that play when I’m separated,The feeling of long lost love being propagated,It is the hope that […]

  • Hard Lessons My Mum Taught Me

    Hard Lessons My Mum Taught Me

    Well, I am the type of person that used to judge people a lot. I still judge, you know, because it’s only by judging that you differentiate black from white, right from wrong… But I do not judge that kind of judging that sends people regretting their actions and decisions as much as I used […]

  • My Ride To Town

    I sit on the bus thinking,Lost in reverie, calming.Westlife music plays,Like a breeze brushing the face. In this bus, some peace I found.And now, I know how dreams sound.It’s a lovely journey it makesAnd see, that’s all it takes. I’m going to seek a dream,Milk filled, cheese and cream.I sit thinking, maybe it’ll be love.Coz […]

  • romantic rose

    romantic rose

  • Sharing is Caring 😅

    Back at home, when we do not like something, we do not discard it. We forward it. Do the same with this post, and you will have created a very happy soul.

  • Tears of My Scars

    I sat in the ashes, looking at the wounds that so lazily tried to metamorphose into scars, of all that was left of self imposed stabs and hurts. I pressed each of all with grace, closing eyes, anticipating the pain that existed not. I winced at the slightest feeling, but there was no pain. “Move […]

  • It Was Just Me and My Mom

    Life turned me into a monster queen.I loved my space, large as it had been.Knowledge told me that it was just me,And her, since the story started to be. Read more from the upcoming bestseller on Amazon.