Rose: The Poem (Black or White?)

Rose, Rosy, Rosetteā€¦Many names, for the many colors,That you grow in, for the various shades,That men have added to you on paper.To show how they judge you. Today you’re black and white..Black, the shade of darkness,A show of evil and travail.Like the thorns on your stalk.They took part of you,And judged it wrong. White, theContinue reading “Rose: The Poem (Black or White?)”

It Happened, Yet It Didn’t

War!I hit and abused. I bruised skins.My claws tore more than just flesh.I wounded both body and spirit.I spoke damage and death.I condemned and sentenced soulsā€¦ War!It felt good to be in the battlefield.I was lord of all punishmentI controlled the events in splits of time.I staged the scenes and starred in themI was great,Continue reading “It Happened, Yet It Didn’t”