It’s not the tears that form when my heart tears.
It’s not the blood that flows when desperation bites.
It’s not the sting that stabs when I remember my fears,
Nor the loneliness that comes when they off the lights.

The scenes that play when I’m separated,
The feeling of long lost love being propagated,
It is the hope that you are going to go on,
Amidst the possibility of you never being there…

25 responses to “Espera!”

  1. SMiLes Dear Mariana As Mother’s Day Approaches
    on Sunday the 8th of May And It Seems You Lament

    Here Where Does the Love Go When The Last Breath

    Comes It’s True Love Still Breaks

    Through the Pupil of

    Every Eye Receiving

    Unconditional Love
    Birthed By A Mother of Same

    As After my Mother Went Without
    Food or Drink For 8 Long Days As ‘They’
    Say it Usually takes only 3 in Hospice Care

    Only Explanation the Doctor Gave Your Mother
    Must Have A Strong HeART As She Went to Her Death

    (And Yes Love Definitely Creates Literally A Stronger HeART)

    Bed Then on Valentine’s Day in 2017 Lasting until Her Death
    Day of February 22nd, 2017 Oh How Deafening Her Last

    Breath Seemed

    Yet The Wisdom

    i Gained Then is
    Her Life of Love Still

    BreatheS oN Within the Pupil

    of my EYe to Give Even More

    of What She Gave So Unconditionally to me

    And True i Surely Will Credit The SPiRiT oF Love

    of These Words Unconditional Still to Her As

    Long As i Love As Long As Those i Have

    Loved and Continue to Love Breathe

    LoVE iNDeeD My Mother

    Breathes on


    As Love

    Is Eternal

    And Real Now
    This Way At Least i Am With SMiLes..:)

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