Sharing is Caring πŸ˜…

Back at home, when we do not like something, we do not discard it. We forward it. Do the same with this post, and you will have created a very happy soul.


21 responses to “Sharing is Caring πŸ˜…”

  1. SMiLes Dear Mariana i Give and Share Your
    Name Everywhere i Go to the Far Reaches

    of the Globe With
    Caring Healing

    For All that

    You Inspire

    With SMiLes…

    True i’ve Even
    Talked About Your
    Poetry Book For Sell
    As Well For A BucK Now

    They May Be Inspired By
    What You Inspire in me True too…

    Yet Again i Gave Up Wearing

    Money So Long Ago i’m Not

    Even Sure Whose

    Face is on

    A Dollar

    Yet my Wife
    Who Spends
    it For me Freely HAha..:)

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  2. but darling dear
    you aint from here
    but your little sister from another mister now here is
    she just looked and me and said sorry i do not speak english
    nor does her mommy
    she s clearly african bebbee
    so just maybe you could pray for them to day
    and say
    hey john
    thanks for caring
    and sharing
    this wit me
    cos you wanna
    see the real me
    sho nuff
    do marinna

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