Why You Have Not Bought My Book Yet.

The first reason would be because you are not interested in buying it which is such a hard slap on my face but… like the netizens say, we move.

It’s been a week since my book went live on Amazon. I did not know what to do at first so I shared it with my close Whatsapp contacts and immediately, I came across an African problem; people don’t like shopping online!!!. While most do not have credit/debit cards, others are still struggling to embrace the alien concept of book reading apps like Amazon Kindle. They want a hard copy of the book and a good bargain while at it.

Since I can guarantee you a good bargain, I will go ahead and teach you how to get the book ($1). Here are simple steps to follow:

  1. Click on this link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09WKSVNSF
  2. Click on the “Buy Now with 1-Click” option. You will be required to create an Amazon account to place the order or to sign in if you already have an account.
  3. Enter your Payment information.
  4. Review and place the order. Amazon will send the order confirmation details to your email.
  5. Go to Amazon Kindle App to read the book. If you do not have it, kindly download it free of charge on your App Store.

If you are in the United States, you will have the option to buy for others, kindly feel free to buy as many as you would like.

You are good to go now! Thank you and be sure to submit a review once you have read it. I love you all.


5 responses to “Why You Have Not Bought My Book Yet.”

  1. SMiLes Dear Marianna

    i Love Reading Your Poetry

    i Actually Come here to Read

    And Will Always be Inspired

    to Return
    A Comment

    By Measure of
    Inspiration Sadly
    For Most Folks That’s
    Not What WordPress is About

    For Most Folks It’s A One Armed
    Casino Game of Pressing Buttons

    in Hopes of Hearing the Casino Sounds
    of Ping Ping Buttons Going Off in Terms of

    Likes and Follows

    And Shares

    And Then

    Sadly i’ve Seen So
    Many Folks Disappointed
    That No One Buys Their Book

    First Step, Folks Even Actually Reading
    What is Being Written on Any Word Press
    Post That isn’t only An exercise of Pressing


    In hopes

    of Hearing

    Casino Ping Pings Again…

    Don’t Feel Disheartened if
    Few People Buy Your Book

    What’s Real is the Inspiration

    You Bring Now Word Press isn’t
    A Place Where Folks Usually Make Any Money…

    What’s Really Sad is When Good Writers Like You
    Get Upset that Nobody Buys Their Book And Lose
    The Art Within That Brings Joy From the Intrinsic Art itself

    i’ve Seen That Happen So many Times Where Real Talent
    Extinguishes Itself From Expectations Not met And Potential Dies That Way

    If You Enjoy it Do It

    If It’s A Job For Pay

    Find What’s More Likely to Pay

    As For About 99 Percent of the
    Folks Driving Toward That Goal it Just Doesn’t Happen
    When the Whole Crowd wants to Take More Than Give Now…

    And On the Other Hand
    It’s Free Where i Live to
    Go to ‘Barnes and Noble’

    And Read As Many Books As one
    Likes While One is There And Never
    Buy A Book At All It’s True Even After Giving

    Away 10.3 MiLLioN Words of Free Verse Poetry
    All around the Globe i’ll likely Never Be Able to Repay
    The 400 or So Books i’ve Read For Free Most Every Sunday And Continue
    To Add to Every Sunday Afternoon i Visit Barnes and Nobles And Entertain The Star

    Crowd Wondering How i Dance And Listen to Meditative Music While Finishing A Book
    For Free in Under An
    Hour of Meditative

    Dance Each

    Week in

    Laser Focus

    of Autotelic Flow

    It’s A Peak Experience

    of Life All The Energy Connections

    From Head to Toe Are Firing in Max
    Balance in Flow


    It’s All
    Free if
    i Could Give
    One Teaspoon

    of How That Feels
    And Senses Within
    in Plateau of Peak Flow
    For an Hour Billionaires Would

    Probably Trade All Their Riches to Feed
    the Poor in Countries Starving to Make The Next Day Life…

    Other than That When i Retired i Gave All the Money Away to
    my Wife; i Was in Control of it Before to Survive; Now She is in


    of the Rest
    of it to Last until She Goes Away too…

    Anyway it’s A Good Excuse Why i Never
    Buy the Books i Read at Barnes and Noble

    And Even though What i’ve Written And Given
    Away for Free Comprises More than the Size of 240 Novels

    It’s True i’ve got Lots More to Give Before i Catch Up With All the
    Books i’ve Read


    and Noble

    And Not Counting

    All the Other Words and
    Stuff i Consume for Free the Rest of the Week…

    Anyway i’ve already Done the God of Money

    Now i do the God of Play


    Only And
    Let my Wife

    Take Care of
    Feeding the Other God in ‘Care-Taking’…

    i Worked my Butt off Nearly to Death for
    33 Years Now i’m Gonna Take a Break
    From the Dollar Forever now With SMiLes..:)

    Liked by 1 person

      • SMiLes Dear Marianna

        i’ve made A Very Few Near
        And Dear FRiEnDS From

        Writing on WordPress

        Around the World Now

        Who Are Surely Worth

        More Than All the Effort
        i’ve Put in Writing 10.3 MiLLioN
        Words of Free Verse Poetry the

        Last 103 Months And IN the Last 2 Years
        And 2 Months my Indian Now Canadian FRiEnD Asked me

        To Share Something of my Soul in Teaching Something

        to Her Each Day So This Just So Happens to Be Lesson

        Number 397 From Yesterday

        Copy and Pasted Now:

        “Keeping Soul Doors Open
        Expectations None
        Gratitude For ALL”

        i Have All The Money i’ll Ever Need

        In the World And i Had all the Money
        And Stuff i ever needed in HeLL ON EartH too

        For 66 Months And Heaven on EartH Now for
        8 Years and 8 Months, And A bit More than Half a Month…

        The Difference

        In Hell or

        Heaven on

        EartH isn’t Money…

        It’s Love As Even the Poorest

        of Bread And Water May Share
        The Feeling of the Manna of One SMiLes of Love

        What i Didn’t Have
        With More Than

        i Could Spend

        in HeLL ON EartH For
        66 Months in Pain and Numb

        Yes mY FRiEnD in the Story

        Of JeSuS They Sold All Their

        Goods Communing the Returns From That And Lived Off

        the Kindness

        of Others With Empty Pockets For A God of Love

        When the World REaLLY

        Finally Figures

        Out God Is Love

        The BiLLioNaiRES
        And the Soon to Be

        TRiLLioNaiRES Will Likely House
        And Feed The Poor Yet Perhaps

        They Will Have to Go to Hell First to Figure it

        Out Like me
        and the


        of Jesus did too
        And So Many Others mY FRiEnD
        As We Become More like The Story

        of Buddha Sitting Under a Tree Like Jesus
        in the Desert And Determine We aRe The Leaf
        That And Who Feeds the Green of the Tree That Falls to

        Soils And

        Feeds the
        New Green
        Souls of the Forest Whole

        And This Is Way i Write, i Dance
        And Sing to Touch the Face of Love

        Moving, Connecting, Co-Creating



        Dear FRiEnD
        From Kenya iNdeed..:)

        Liked by 1 person

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