You Kissed The Life Out of Me

You Kissed The Life Out of Me

It was dark,
Deep in the middle of Tuesday.
You crept in,
Smiling slyly and asking for help.

You said the work was too much,
And I was in the perfect place.

I helped,
Keeping the talk nice and formal.
It’s done,
Let’s break for work tomorrow.

You said it would be better to stay.
That tomorrow was not so far away.

Seconds, minutes,
I could feel your gaze on my lips
You pulled my waist and swallowed my being

It is a long walk home,
And the paths are so clear.
The birds sleep atop the trees,
Yet I can’t shake your hands off me.

Your breath makes my steps falter,
I breathe hard then stop to recover.
I try to run but it doesn’t matter.
You are alive, and I want this to be over

15 responses to “You Kissed The Life Out of Me”

  1. True Dear Marianna



    In Love More
    Often Feels Like
    That For Women

    Precipice of Heaven
    And Or Hell DePEnding…

    On Which Sides
    of the Human

    And Sadly
    Bitterly Exposed…

    Really A Masterful
    Poem As The Last
    Words of “I Want
    This To be Over” Told
    The Other Side of ‘The Shadow’…

    Liked by 1 person

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