I Was Not Serious

I Was Not Serious

I could say I loved you,
But I wasn’t serious save,
I liked it that you loved me.

I know that you liked it too,
What we had was a mighty wave.
It’s sad you never got the key to me.

And though you say I’m still your queen,
We are at the best we’d ever be.
I’m happy and you are too.
And I know also, that you have,
Considered my friend for your love tin.

12 responses to “I Was Not Serious”

  1. Dear Mariana, why are you sending me many of the comments I had left on other people’s blogs, and I have to delete which is annoying, it would be better if you read at least one of my posts and leave YOUR comment?!




    • Dear, I’ve been to your blog, I believe. I’m visiting everyone, reading Their posts and the comments as well. It’s what I do. If I haven’t been to your blog yet, I’ll be there soon, don’t worry


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