It Takes Grace

It Takes Grace

It takes grace,
It takes a special kind of grace.
To embrace discipline and stay in it.

It takes grace,
Not to judge people,
To always see the good side.

It takes grace,
To hear see weaknesses,
And to have the same eye and heart afterwards.

It takes grace,
To gear and keep secrets,
While they crush you from the inside.

It takes grace,
To stay in your lane,
When things are out of hand.

It takes grace,
To remember the good times,
When even the day is so dark and lonely.

It takes grace….
… To be continued.

10 responses to “It Takes Grace”

  1. SMiLes Dear Marianna

    Love is the Grace the Gift

    The Light The Work The Play

    That Slays Fear Yes All Beautiful
    Four Letter

    Words This
    Way Even the

    One Starting
    With F Yes Fear

    For Perspective

    As A Gift Of Life Play
    That Slays Fear Reminds Us

    How Wonderful A LiFE iNHaLinG

    Peace EXHaLinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT

    Giving Sharing Caring Healing For All With

    Least Harm YES

    Now For Real IS

    And By God Yes

    A Never Ending

    Silent Dance That

    Brings Beauty of Song
    FLoWinG This Way Autotelic Contemplating
    More A Meditation A Practice of LiFE LoVE iN LiGHT
    This Way Born and Bred From First Breath to Last BLink of Life

    As A Disciplined Way of Life Based on This Foundation of Loving
    Grace in Balance

    With Will


    to Hold Onto Love

    Unconditionally To
    Give The SaMe NoW mY FRiEnD For Real…

    Thanks For Your Inspiring Poetic Words Shall this Silent
    Dance and Beauty of Song Ever End No Never NoW As
    LonG as Love


    It Is

    That Always
    Will Go Up in
    Value if We Keep
    DeLiVeRinG This Positive
    Energy of Play Free to All
    Now With Least Harm…

    Yet of Course It’s True
    Hehe, Not Everyone is
    Ready to Receive ‘This Much



    i Do My Best
    to Adjust the FLoW Hehe..:)

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