for ukraine.

The village of Dzembronya, in the Carpathian Mountains, is often called the place where the clouds are born, because it is the highest mountain settlement in Ukarine.   — “people do not want war. war springs from causes wholly outside the lives, interests, and feelings of the people.” -frederic clemson howe     — photo […]

for ukraine.

22 responses to “for ukraine.”

  1. People want peace and happiness. We have a NWO going around the world like a serpent giving venom of the same disease. Biblical prophecy prepares us.

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  2. Frederic clemson howe must have been thinking off the common people… for the uncommon people… those who see themselves above ‘the little people…’ those who do not envisage death for themselves, or their own, they don’t mind wars… infact they relish wars… for they see opportunities… they see profit…!

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