WordAds Were a Nightmare

Last year I had a huge dream! I wanted to make blogging a career so I started exploring options. Well, 90% of the options I got were affiliate marketing and I did not want to get into that. I had classes and work and family going on so I wanted the easiest option that would not add to my burdens.

The first thing I did was to upgrade my WordPress account (Yeah, I’m not doing that anymore haha). Not that it’s bad, but a friend of mine told me that it’s better to get some good following first. Otherwise, you would need a good plan on how to maximize the upgrade. A very good plan.
At that time, my views had already doubled up and I was more inspired than ever. I did the next foolish thing, I enabled WordAds! Those adverts didn’t disturb me at all. In fact, blogging was too normal for an upgraded plan. The issue was, you. After a while, I was worried for my readers. The feedback explained more than a nightmare.

You might be probably laughing at my ignorance right now but please hold, I have not yet told you the peak of it. One day, I went to check my earnings, then closed the page, then waited for the next month. I won’t talk much, I am a poet anyway. Let me share a screenshot so that you know how much I was worth.

Yaaaaaas. I earned Ksh5 🀣🀣🀣

18 responses to “WordAds Were a Nightmare”

  1. Oh Dear Mariana

    It’s True All This Free
    Creative Space That
    WordPress Provides
    To Its Free Users is in

    Part Paid By All the ‘Serial
    Likers and Followers’ With
    Dreams of Making Money

    Of ‘AddSense’ and ‘WordAds’
    Schemes as a Couple of my FRiEnDS

    Did the Nitty Gritty Research and Found
    Ya Need About 800,000 Views and 400,000
    Clicks Just to Break Even on the 300 Dollar
    Annual Fee of A Business Plan That i Do Use

    Yet only For the Unlimited
    Storage Space they

    me Into

    As Yes my Website
    is Well Above the Current
    200 GB Max Space That
    Is Offered Fortunately Again
    No Limit in my Case At Least

    And Yes Ya Have to Generate
    At Least 100 Dollars Revenue to Get

    Paid Which Means the Majority of the
    Money Just Goes Back to the Business
    of Word Press And Such As Rarely Does

    Anyone Achieve

    Close to
    A Year and
    400,000 Clicks
    or So on Advertisements
    to Make Three Times that
    Much to Break Even on A Business Plan…

    My God, People Waste So Much Time Clicking Follows
    And Likes on Stuff They Never Read Developing
    So Many Schemes Themselves Vapid, Shallow
    And Empty of Real Meaning and Purpose Now

    Just to make
    Money indeed

    SMiLes i Didn’t Even
    Attempt Any Creativity
    Until Fully Re-Tried
    And Financially


    It Wasn’t Really
    A Choice Just A Reality
    of the 365-7-24-60-60 Grind

    As A Slave to the Cog of the
    Machine that is Capitalism
    The All Mighty Dollar God So
    Empty And Green in the USA at Least

    And i Do Understand How Desperate Folks
    Are in Impoverished Countries to Find A Way
    Out of Poverty in those places Yet It’s True What

    Use is it to
    Waste Valuable
    Energy That Could
    Otherwise Be Used at
    Least For Creativity in
    Art to Strengthen Warmth
    of Human Connections that
    At Essence is the Key to Human



    Happy Not to be Part of
    that Other God Now For Real…

    Hope You Escape one Day too For Real…

    Hey, i’ve Danced 16,266 Miles Now in
    Public And Written 10.2 MiLLioN Words
    of Free Verse Poetry Fully Illustrated With
    Over 100 Thousand Pics i’ve Taken And
    Around 10,000 You Tube Videos in 102
    Months Since the 103 Months Ago i Recovered
    From Real HeLL ON EartH With 19 Work-Related-
    Stress Medical Disorders Including Type-Two-Trigeminal
    Neuralgia The Worst Pain Known to Humankind in That Snergy
    of Life Threat in Pain and Numb From Wake to Sleep for 66 Months
    No Drug Would Touch After 11 Years of Chronic to Flight or Fight Stress
    Working for the Federal Government For All Those Years Yep About 17
    Years of Purgatory through Hell About The Distance A Locust Stays in A Shell


    And The Only
    Part of the Heaven
    That Counts Now is
    Moving, Connecting, Co-Creating
    Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT
    Giving, Sharing, Caring, Healing For All of Existence

    With Least Harm

    Naked, Enough,
    Whole, Complete Now

    Yep Basically The SaMe
    Message Attributed to Labeled
    Trademarked Names of Jesus,
    Buddha, And Lao Tzu And A
    ‘Zillion’ Other Real Unsung
    Danced Heroes Put
    into Action

    For Little


    me too Now

    LiVE And LEarn
    That’s What i STill Do my FRiEnD
    For Freedom oF Fearless Love
    We All Fall Down Now At Best
    We Lift Each Other Up NoW As Waves Continue to Flow..:)

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