What do you think about this maize comb?

What do you think about this maize comb?

Am I the only one who thinks it’s horror?

32 responses to “What do you think about this maize comb?”

  1. SMiles Mariana As You Noted Expecting ‘Sly Green
    Eyes’ For A Poem Yet Presenting What Looks
    Like A Hand Holding A Half-Husked Corn Cob

    With What May Be A Cotton Glove
    Closed Around the Top of the Corn

    Cob i’m Not Sure Why Yet With
    Creativity And Poetry We

    Surely Can And Will
    Use This Symbol

    And Perhaps

    Design An Entire

    Religion Around This
    Totem Symbol Worshipping As Folks Do

    Humanly Commonly In Binds and Bonds

    Of CuLTuRES For Centuries Still to come

    Particularly if We Somehow Provide Enough

    Sticks And Carrots Real or Imagined Making Little

    Difference to Hold Folks Tight to the Half Husked

    Corn Cob With Hand Below Wrapped Around it And

    Cotton Glove Above As They Say So Below As Above

    There is No Separation of the Culture At Hand of Glove

    With the Human Hand Holding The Cob Below True in

    A Way It’s How Corn Cobs of Which The Seeds and

    Fruit Are Implanted Around The Flower (She) Part of

    The Male (He) Part of the Vegetable Humans

    Consume That Become Who

    We Are Next In Whole

    And How the

    Tools We

    Are Clothed

    With Become Part

    of the Corn Cob We Are…

    Never Heard the Phrase ‘Maize Comb’
    Yet i’m Thinking it is Just Another Name
    For ‘The God’ The Symbol of This New
    Religion Which is Actually The Same Old
    Human Religion of The Corn Cob We Hold
    And Mask With Our Clothes And Tools of CuLTuRE

    That Will Become Even More As Us A Glove Surrounding
    The Cob Than Fruit of the Vegetable (God) Actually Allowing Us to Feed/Breathe…

    As Far As Whether Or Not the Symbol is Horror or Not Depends on How it is used in
    Hope and Love in Communion oF UNification Away From Division Of Fear And Hate

    On That Other

    Path Of Existence

    Now True As Well…

    True it All Starts with
    The Corn Cob A Human
    Hand And The Glove We
    Make That May Hide The Fruit
    We Need of Love to Even Thrive in Life Now For Real…

    I’ve Seen This Kinda Thing All my Life… Meh.. People ARE ALike ALL OVeR..:)

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  2. ๐Ÿ’œ “Horror” is a Matter of Perspective EveryOne; for example I Hate snakes, because SNAKES!!! ARE Horrible, at an Emotional Level yet I Appreciate Snake Handling Persons at an Intellectual Level


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