I’m Sorry For This Week

Hi dear,
I hope you have felt God’s grace upon you this week. Mine has been bumpy, a little smooth some days for an hour or two. Maybe this week scored 55% in my life card, but the 55% was a hundred for each unit (what I mean is that I have a lot that still remains undone haha and that for the things I did, I tried my best).

Well, I have not written any poems this week. I had three great titles but I just didn’t get the time to. I have a regret or two but all I want to do now is lay my tired backbone on my mattress and sleep away. I promise to be around with you next week. Have a lovely weekend.


Published by Mariana Dynasty

Let's bleed love, life and advice. Let's exalt the pen.

23 thoughts on “I’m Sorry For This Week

  1. Time Oh Time Oh Time Marianna
    Once A Day That Clock Ruled

    My World

    Yes Mind

    The Hands

    No Longer Work

    On My Clock

    The Hour

    Glass Sand

    Never Changes Now
    For Me Eternally Now
    Sand Up or Down Whole

    Just No Separation All IN All Now

    Grains of Sand Beach i Am Enough Yes
    Complete Emerald Green Waves Sea Oats
    Swaying in Breeze Gull Wings
    Spiraling Sun my Arms Fly

    Free Even Tracks

    of My Feet one

    With Sugar

    of Beach
    Edging Shorelines
    Forever Waves Spiraling Milky

    Way i Write True UNiVeRSE WHoLE mY FRiEnD


    Now What
    Were You Saying
    With SMiLes Now

    Looking Forward
    to Your Next Poem For Sure…

    Meanwhile Still “CeLeBRaTinG
    8 Years of HeAVeN Within ReaL NoW”

    Already Starting A New 60,000 or So Word
    MacroVerse Poem too Already Named “SaiL oN LoVE NoW”

    Yes Still Working on Electronically Publishing the Last one

    And if i Don’t Get Off This Computer And Get my Work-out
    Done in Date to Take My Wife to The Store to Public Dance too

    Tonight She’s Gonna

    Take A


    Of Whooping Butt
    to me Next With That
    Dancing Singing See Ya Later Dear Mariana..:)

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  2. Take heart Mariana . . . my week scored a dismal 25% at best 😊. However, I’m grateful it wasn’t 24% or less, and encouraged knowing He has promised an eternity 100% forever weeks someday.

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  3. Just when I was thinking about what had happened to Mariana then boom! I was awfully missing your poems but now I understand why…
    My weekend will end on a somewhat good note now as you continue enjoying yours too.😍

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