You Make Me Dream

You Make Me Dream

Love of my life,
Why do you close your eyes,
When all I want is to see the future through them?
Why do you run?
Knowing well that my steps are small, and slow?

My heavenly gift.
How high up my hope you lift!
But now even your loyalty has had to shift,
Because life has decided to make us swift.

I was plain before you carved me sweet.
I was empty and then you filled my pit.
I was dead and dirty, you made me neat.
Stay with me Japar! Stay in my forever seat.

You make me dream.
Of highs and lows and narrows and wides.
Come to me quick, come and see…
The smile on me when I smell your scent.
Japar, you make me dream.
Join me, and make my dream come true

36 responses to “You Make Me Dream”

  1. Indeed, I agree with everyone, this is a beautifully crafted and delivered poem, Mariana. It reminds me of life, love, hope, and a very deep yearning, which is what I love most about it. Beautiful, my dear friend. ❤

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