Battles in Me #3

Battles in Me #3

Continued from Battles in Me #2

All i wanted was to be a song,
Coz life in a musical looks all gold and long.
And songs solve all there is..
Happiness, sadness, Loneliness, excitement…
It would be impossible to live without a song!

Maybe I could be in the lips of all men,
To soothe their souls when hope shows its back.
To touch their hearts when their very skin runs away.
But I am the problem that I wish to solve.
I want to be a solution. Tell me, what do I do?

Deep down, I want to cry so much.
Coz I feel like it just rained and my heart is covered with puddles.
I wish to drain them out, to remain a dry ground
Or maybe tell me where I can find some seeds,
To plant a garden of sweet fruits in my heart.

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