The Battles in Me #2

The Battles in Me #2

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It’s an ache I so want to control,
A chilling pain yet hot as coal.
I want to scream but I have company.
I want to run but I have one home.
I wish for options but this is a tyranny.
It’s like longing to fly when…
You’re enclosed in a dome.

I am close with a few around.
And I want to open up but I’m bound.
Bound by tales so horrific,
Tales that we share, tales that scare.
And I care, I keep them safe from my terrors.
But since I don’t speak, they do.
…. Not every hurtful word is true.

So now, I’m torn between the two.
Between me and myself, separated by a laser wall.
A walk across is painfully transforming.
Who am I? What do I want?
I feel like a caged bird,
Who loves the care of his master,
And yet wished to explore the world

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