Everybody Needs Love

Everybody Needs Love

I met the sun at its rise today.
He was bathing the roses with his essence.
The sun flower was following his every move.
And the Lizard was enjoying his sweet caress.
Then the sun saw me and said…
“I envy the shine in the man you chase,
I saw him cross the hills just before dawn.
But I won’t tell you which way he went from thence,
Because I don’t want you to have him all for yourself,
And leave me void of the admiration you give every morning.”

58 responses to “Everybody Needs Love”

  1. Ich kann Liebe
    nicht haben
    zum Gebrauch
    ob die Sonne
    mein Begreifen mag
    ich weiss es mir nicht
    eine Frau hat
    meine Seele
    ohne der wirklichen Berührung
    in ihrem Besitz
    ob sie dem weiss
    oder nicht
    geht sie in mir
    täglich ein und aus
    die Türe in meinem
    Herzen ist offen
    ich kann sie
    vor ihr
    nicht schliessen
    I can love
    not have
    for use
    whether the sun
    my understanding may
    i don’t know
    has a woman
    my soul
    without the real touch
    in their possession
    if she knows
    or not
    she goes in me
    daily on and off
    the door in mine
    Heart is open
    i can
    in front of her
    do not close

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