The Tears of My Scars

Let’s look at what I wrote two years ago πŸ€“πŸ€“

I sat in the ashes, looking at the wounds that so lazily tried to metamorphose into scars, of all that was left of self imposed stabs and hurts.

I pressed each of all with grace, closing eyes, anticipating the pain that existed not. I winced at the slightest feeling, but there was no pain.

β€œMove out of the ashes. β€œ
β€œMove out of the ashes.”….

More of the poem at The Tears of My Scars

60 responses to “The Tears of My Scars”

  1. We all hope, and dream for a prince, (or princess) to come, and peel away the scabs of self inflicted stabs, and hurts… but until such an happenstance happens… we should heed the little child within us, who whispers: get out of the ashes of despair…

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  2. Wow, another powerful piece, Mariana. I adore this poem. I especially enjoy how you capture pain as an illusion and then end with β€œbegging for grace.” Powerfully elegant. ❀❀

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