Sweet Sweet Kiss – The Poem

Sweet Sweet Kiss – The Poem

Thanks to http://photopaulm.com for the photo inspiration

My lovely hearty parrot,
When can I see you again?
Last time you said you’ll always be sad,
Without the sight of me…
Are your eyes as teary as I imagine?
Do you even remember me?

Parrot, you must be a young woman now.
The girls in my area don’t give me peace.
Yet, I don’t see the beauty around…
Your memory blind me to life itself.
I wonder whether you’re at peace,
And from whence you source it.

Search for me, as I for you.
So, we can relive our last moment,
When we were young and free…
When we kissed without guilt,
Come, let’s play chase in the rose gardens,
When you’d cry after a thorn pricked,
And I would wife your tears with my soft palms

Come, parrot.
I want you to echo my love again.
Let’s make the future a happy place,
By being together forever.

63 responses to “Sweet Sweet Kiss – The Poem”

  1. Being an EMPATH myself
    I feel it might help if I mention ‘DESTINY’

    The fickle finger of Fate
    plays tricks
    Our Future lies somewhere
    in the mix
    for Destiny to find
    and fix
    a place in time
    if you take a risk.

    This moment in time
    is for Living

    No matter what your gender is
    there’s Nothing more Powerful
    than Love in the Forgiving

    We are the first X in XX & XY
    There are Heavenly Male Xs & Feminine Xs
    and Androgynous Xs

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  2. Two Hearts
    Now Become
    One Young
    LoVE iN A


    Of Night


    So Many




    Wire Distractions

    Oh My God So

    Very Joy Glad

    i Experienced

    Tender Before

    “They” Spelled

    Love Swipe




    Like Instructions

    On A Roll Of Toilet

    Paper Yet’s

    It’s Just

    Part of




    A Species
    Out Of


    Rest Room

    Closed For Repair
    Yet Still There Are




    Breathe Still
    RiSinG FLoWeRS
    THorns Whole Naturally

    Thanks For

    Your Inspiring
    Words Marianna



    Real Sincere🌺😊

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  3. When one pines but lives in Hope
    where does Hope live?

    Hope is full of expectations’
    search for thoughtful inspirations
    ways to heal a heart in pain
    so that joy can live again

    Demands from expectations find
    that nothing stops the positive mind
    from finding hope within one’s-self
    inside the source of pain love helps.

    You’re so full of LOVE Mariana
    It pours out of you in your Loneliness.

    Believe it or not
    It’s the kind of Exorcism EMPATHS Need.

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  4. I say I’m a COSMIC SIBYL, but if you look at my posts you might only see an attempt at poetry.
    My COSMIC Blog is buried under them. Seeing as the Corona virus had caught up with us before Science & Religion bridged the Schism because Religion was stuck in it’s own time-warped era and Science was not giving them the satisfaction by referring to their findings as advanced aliens…I needed a break for myself XXX

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  5. Thank you, {{{Mariana}}} for clicking on one of my comments elsewhere. That allowed me to find your blog and enjoy your lovely “Sweet Kiss” poetry. The picture definitely was an inspiration… and you imagined its internal message quite beautifully. ❤

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