Temptations (The Next Level)

The Rules
Dear child, tread with care,
The game as it is, has never been fair.
Walk with your head held high,
Yet with your heart to the ground.
Recognize and maintain your position and,
Whatever happens…
Stand your ground,
And do not leave your place.

Let your eyes be open,
As the windows of the sky.
Make your heart as a sturdy stem,
Your will as a closed door.
Don’t let your house shake…
And yet again,
Stand your ground,
And do not leave your place.

The Game
Storms will come, filled with violent love.
Fall not to the air that makes the heart merry.
The sun will rise, spreading rays of lust.
Run not after the passions that lead to the sea.
The clouds will cover your skies, in black and dark.
Let not the sorrow take away your heart.
The wars will walk, through the paths you tread.
Shut your ears to the waves that pass…
And once more,
Stand your ground,
And do not leave your place

Published by Mariana Dynasty

Let's bleed love, life and advice. Let's exalt the pen.

46 thoughts on “Temptations (The Next Level)

  1. Such a beautiful poem… after thrice reading… you took over, and guided my hand…
    mother… dear mother…
    my years have pass on by
    like wind swept clouds
    no more like the sorel do I skip
    the mountain paths
    now I can but shuffle along
    ever fearful of a wayward stone
    yet still… the rules of the game as not changed
    so your words I now pass on
    to my grandchild… mariana
    here… where you lie…
    a gift of… life in words
    a continuation of our… dynasty
    to carry deep in her heart:
    let your eyes be open
    walk with your head held high
    recognize and maintain your position… and
    whatever happens…
    stand your ground
    and do not leave your place
    Thank you…

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      1. Yes… you are the cause… you are the reason… your poem floated me into a future where your message was passed on… so I felt it only right today have both your names, and your blogs tag indelibly etched in the fabric of the poem…

        I haven’t post it in my blog as yet, as I wanted you to see it first… while I await the arrival of the title…

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, what a lovely, tender, and elegant poem, Mariana. I adore it so. Your words explain the human experience very well, and pass along wisdom to those that come after we are gone…beautiful, my dear.❤️

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  3. Deer in the Forest River
    Hammer Head Sharks
    In the Sky True You
    Capture Lust And

    Love Connecting

    Quite Well in your

    Poem Hammer Head

    Sharks Falling From the

    Sky As Rivers Rise to Dear Height




    To Come

    Yet With


    Warm Practice Love Wins

    Entire War of Love Still Coming

    Mariana Jets Thunder Sky Enlightening
    Freer Loving Surviving Thriving Heat Now

    Or Days of Cold As Ice Snows Upon Souls..:)

    Liked by 1 person

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