Opinion Poll: Please participate

Hey, I’m collecting info for an upcoming program. Please participate in my poll. Kindly post your answers in the comments. The link is showing an unsupported format 😩😩 Do you find blogging easy? What motivates you to keep blogging? What are the challenges are you facing as a blogger? CREATE YOUR OWN 

Opinion Poll: Please participate

Published by Mariana Dynasty

Let's bleed love, life and advice. Let's exalt the pen.

21 thoughts on “Opinion Poll: Please participate

      1. 💜 I No Longer THINK!!! in Terms of “Challenge” SupaSouBro; simply and complexly EXPERIENCE!!!


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  1. I believe some people need to create. Writers, artist and musicians need to express themselves. I started writing at 11 years old and writing the novels of jack London at eight. I had to wrote. I do believe we will learn more and become better writers. We need to test life and live a good life to learn. We can survive hell and back. The great writers wrote non-stop. In their blood. I believe easy to find something to write about. The chaos of our world give us so many things to write about. Hello dear Mariana.

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      1. Sometimes I use music and I must read the ancient writers. Hard to force out words dear Mariana. I lack time till lately. I am semi-retired. I work twenty hours a week and five grandchildren. We must make time to write and we need a good outline to keep us on track. I have five stories, I must finish for 8 months. Then I will deep edit and seek publishing. Or self-publish. I am poor at endings. It seem my stories always in sadness. It is hard work to create sometimes. Hello and good evening from Michigan.

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