Opinion Poll: Please participate

Hey, I’m collecting info for an upcoming program. Please participate in my poll. Kindly post your answers in the comments. The link is showing an unsupported format 😩😩

Do you find blogging easy? What motivates you to keep blogging?

What are the challenges are you facing as a blogger?


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69 thoughts on “Opinion Poll: Please participate

  1. Just to Let You Know, Mariana, ‘The Poll’ Doesn’t
    Seem to Be Working As There Aren’t
    Any Options to Click on Unless You

    Are Just Asking A Question for
    This Comments Section; Blogging

    Is Easy to me. i Do It Cause it Feels

    Good; Hehe, if it Didn’t Feel Good, Wouldn’t Be Doing It..:)

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      1. Hehe Don’t Feel Bad
        Mariana i Was Always
        The Kid in School

        With Their

        Hand Raised
        For The Answer
        When All The Other
        Children Stayed Quiet

        The Teachers
        And Employers
        Always Seemed

        To Favor me

        Yet my

        PeerS Hehe
        Not So Much
        They Patiently
        Waited To See



        Yes i
        Did Fall
        In Deep S
        Then To Their
        Deeper Chagrin

        Through All The

        Thorns i Rose Up Smelling
        Like Pretty FLoWeRS AGAiN

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      2. God Yes Little Sheldon
        In The Flesh Mariana

        People Still

        Mocked The
        Way i Walked
        In My Late 40’s

        Thing About The “Big Bang
        Theory” The Show Went Off
        When Bigger Sheldon Was
        Only About 33 In The Show

        In My Case i Literally

        Became A Butterfly

        Literal Legend

        Of Dance

        On Terrestrial Earth
        Now i Realize This Might
        Be Hard To Believe This Is True

        Just in Words of Text on Your
        Blog Yet the Good Science
        Student i Still Am in Free

        Verse Poetry too

        On My Current Blog
        Post “FB Profile Pic
        Bible 4 YearS Old”
        5.4 MiLLioN Words
        In 4 Years of Facebook
        Profile Pic Descriptions
        Also Relates Over A Thousand
        Young Women Posing In Autograph
        Selfies With me And Yes There Are
        At Least A Thousand More Hehe

        And Tens of Thousands Who

        Didn’t Make

        It into

        Photos Hehe

        True Like Forrest

        Gump i Have More

        Than A Brief Case To
        Share My Story With

        All At The Bus Stops

        Of Life

        A 6 Inch

        i Phone

        i Whip Out
        Of My Pockets

        Proves i Am No Myth HAha

        Just Lived in A Cocoon For
        17 Years Of Stress Hell From

        Age 36 Thru 53 Not Unlike

        Cicada’s Just one of me


        Lot Of Noise

        Perhaps Big
        Sheldon Will
        Return As Myth
        On TV Too i Wasn’t
        Willing To Wait For

        Him To Be Mythically

        Transformed Reality

        Much More Amazing Than
        Fiction To me With SMiles🦋🏝😊

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  2. Going to reply here, Mariana. Not easy. Renard actually just wrote a very cool article about blogging, which went on to describe qualities that are necessary to be “successful” in blogging, and one of them was discipline. Anything that takes dedication and discipline is not easy. Now that I write that though, I am reflecting that it also depends on what you are looking to create with your blog. Meaning, it depends on your expectation, or, better language, is goals that you have for your blog. Okay, next question. Ahhh, I love this question. I am mostly intrinsically motivated. Meaning, that I blog and write because I love it, and I love interacting with all the inspiring people in the blogosphere. It is an amazing community. Therefore, I will write that I am motivated by my own interest in writing, interacting, and following and contributing to awesome blog sites. Alright, hope that works for your poll. Have a lovely week!

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  3. My Granddaughter set my blog up for me.
    I wish I was computer literate!
    It gives me an opportunity to write down my thoughts
    and find out what I think – while at the same time
    exploring others thoughts
    and trying to find somewhere to fit in.
    I wish I could copy & paste!
    I think I’ve personally come a long way
    regarding expressing myself.
    I wish I was able to add pictures & photos
    and sketches to my posts!
    With a picture speaking a thousand words
    I would only need to write a few witty lines
    when pushed for time.
    It seems to me that one is more likely to get
    adoring followers when their eyes alight
    on a blogger’s posts emotive visions.
    Of course, the subject matter
    needs to be of general interest –
    So one has to be very devious
    and cover up their true blog’s Revelations
    with a lot of poetry.
    I’m able to feel Invisible, anonymous
    and safe to explore and expose me Xxx

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      1. I look in the mirror
        at the me I can see

        I dress to suit her
        she smiles knowingly

        Personas are useful
        as I role-play each part

        With maturity comes wisdom
        with seams to suit my young heart.

        Many of us play
        many roles in each day
        while still being true
        to one’s self Xxx

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      1. Do you find blogging easy? Yes, I do.

        What motivates you to keep blogging? Loving what I’m doing and knowing that my followers/readers will (might) miss not reading my blogs 😊

        What are the challenges are you facing as a blogger? Time. Time. Time. Not enough time to do everything – having said that, I know the President has the same 24 hours, but he delegates but I don’t have any to delegate too. 😊.

        Thanks for the poll. Nice. Looking forward to reading the tally.

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      2. Hey Marianna Dynasty,
        Thanks for the questions.

        I try to post at least three days a week; some weeks a little more.

        This is a good question that does require more than a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The primary purpose of starting the blog was/is to share ksalls (knowledge, skills, abilities, and life lessons for the benefit of the readers and particularly the younger generation. Increasing the readership will be secondary. Though increased readership is the yardstick for engagement and signifies that your blog is being read (aka SEO, analytics, etc), would be nice to have readership increase. However, I hope you know as well as I do, that increased readership does not necessarily connote actual reading of one’s blog. Most people merely just ‘like’ and ‘follow’. Only a few actually read the posts.

        Thanks again.😍

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      3. On second thoughts, Mariana Dynasty, I disagree that “it takes a great post to get actual readership.”
        Not every great post gets the actual readership and most readership is as a result of the social media follower-ship and unnecessarily from the post being great. 😊

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      4. 😂😂 Yeah, there’s that. But I still think you have to write what your target audience needs. Most social media following comes when you blog news or rumors 😝. If you write comedy or captivating stories, people will love that. There’s also poetry lovers, these are on another level but they are like a small kingdom

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      1. It’s non so frequent that don’t feel like it. I spend hours on WordPress, writing, replying to comments or reading my friends’ posts. Probably, when the restrictions loosen and I go out more, I will have to decrease the time I spend blogging. But I will not stop, at least as long as I have the strength 😘

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  4. I have been sharing information on a variety of issues and topics in print via newspaper letters to the editor, articles, editing newspapers and magazines since I was 10 years old and that was 1954 – lol. Connecting ideas, issues, news and people never gets old for me.

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  5. Do you find blogging easy? ANSWER: The writing is the easiest part. Finding time and energy to do it is a much more challenging matter. What motivates you to keep blogging? ANSWER: Blogging stimulates me intellectually and allows me to remain useful in my retirement
    What are the challenges are you facing as a blogger? See answer # 1

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  6. How i wish WordPress could be compatible and have the poll feature like the way we have it in other social media platforms like Twitter?
    The participation of this poll analysis would be much better and efficient.

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  7. Blogging is easy. I have posted every day for almost 5 years. I do not have to do it if I do not want to. I am not selling anything, advancing a cause, or trying to be a social influencer. So it is all fun for me. I like daily writing just like I eat ice cream every single day!

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