sweet sweet kiss

If you are a poet, yo know photos can give birth to a million beautiful lines. Well, I found a blog that has the inspiration I need. The sad thing is, I have not yet written a poem for this one.

sweet sweet kiss

32 responses to “sweet sweet kiss”

  1. Are children easy to read, like a book
    when they exchange that special look?
    Melting our hearts as new memories start
    to be formed on their guiding star’s hook

    Linked on the hook is a line from the past
    bated with future descendants that cast
    feelings through wonderful promises I see
    from feather-light touches and love’s remedy

    Belief, in the end, Minds become something more
    than just surviving life’s birth and death’s lore
    makes it easier to see that essentially a tree
    needs to bond with that look that’s adore.

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