Photo: a beauty after…rain

What do roses remind you?

a beauty after…rain

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62 thoughts on “Photo: a beauty after…rain

      1. 💜 Yes; a Beautiful Song that “Reminds” Me of The Thorns of Lady “Roses” especially English “Roses” and Italian, Spanish, French or for that Matter Any Lady (Smelly Girls) from Any Nation (Smelly Girls)


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  1. Roses are to me, captivating. Although they have their romantic side, they have this amazing history regarding how they have come to be, including their use in gardens of all shapes and sizes. Roses in Western Australia symbolise eternity, so they are used time and time again as the centre piece of memorial gardens or individually for persons who have passed on. As a CEO of a local government a number of years ago I helped create a memorial rose garden that was constructed by prison inmates under our prison work camp system. A rose is planted in memory of every Wyalkatchem local who has been involved in war. It was an amazing project and something cherished by the the local families.

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  2. Like in the story of Beauty and the Beast , and The Phantom of the opera – the significance of being left with a rose, and finding Love, before the last petal falls and dies, is to do with defeating the Reign of the first Malevolent Pandemic Twilight Curse.
    Then, when the last petal falls and dies more seeds will have been sown so more people can arise in our circle of Life.

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  3. A rose after it’s bath…
    How sweet it’s fragrance shall be…
    It reminds me of the memory of you…
    When you filled my world…
    Dripping from your bath…
    And me… the only towel…

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  4. Roses remind of the sting scars n marks that they left on my lover’s heart writing my name when I used them to convey my love to him. If I can say more, I had to cultivate a fresh garden of roses to heal those scares with soft touch of bunches n petals pouring my precious love onto him everyday constantly n deeply.
    I can’t stop writing about Roses n Love. Thanks for leaving the question there 😇

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