Be Useful

#Money has a way of remaining useful.
Disciplined people keep it,
Wise people make the best  use of it.
We know we should be disciplined, goal driven and wise…
My advice today? Be like money
Be useful,
Ran away from people who misuse you, and…
Stay around people who value you.

14 responses to “Be Useful”

  1. Hehe Money
    Grows Like Mold
    In The Bank When

    i Have

    No Use For
    It Mariana



    How Much

    Fungus Folks

    Naturally Acquire

    Wearing Cheap T-Shirts

    Dancing Naked Keeping

    The Same Wife, Home,

    And Car For Decades

    Too Love Paves

    The Way


    Love Grow

    And Mold

    Grows in The

    Bank Where It
    Won’t Consume The
    Earth And Humans

    Will Be
    By The Rest

    Of Nature as
    Long As i Stay At Least😜✌️

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      • Yep Mariana What is it
        That Makes A Man As
        William Shakespeare
        Once Related
        i Dare Do More…
        (That Was Also
        my Father Fred’s
        Identical Twin Ted’s
        Senior Quote…
        my Father’s
        Was “Don’t Do
        Today What You
        Can Put off Tomorrow”
        And It’s True i Did Not
        Start This Endeavor Till
        Age 53 Yes Procrastinate
        EPiCaLLy i Do Too Hehe
        True i Leave
        An Ocean
        Of Sweat
        Almost Big Enough
        To Cover The Earth
        Public Dancing 14,944
        Miles In 93 Months Along
        With Writing
        9.3 MiLLioN Words
        Just A Copy And
        Paste of Poetic Notes
        To Folks ALL ARound
        A Globe Of Free Verse
        Poetry From “SonG oF
        mY SoUL” As This Man
        Ocean Of Sweat is
        In Kenya
        On Mariana Hehe 😜
        The Young Women
        Don’t Seem To Mind
        Hugging me in the
        Dance Hall Soaking
        With Sweat
        my Wife
        Hell No No Way HAha
        And i’m The one Doing the
        Hugging When It Comes
        Her Life
        Is Fair Enough HeHe
        In The Ocean i Bring 🙃

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