Mama, You Never Taught Me To Love Myself

Not so long ago, I was a small child.
I looked up to you, I tagged along.
Not too long ago, I was a little girl.
And I cried daily over matters of no weight.
Yet, you never showed me your tears,
Whether you cried in litres, jugs or tanks.
Mama, you placed me before your needs.
You never told me to love myself.

Now I am twenty and more, I’m grown
You’re no longer here to wipe my tears.
My heart shouts yet my mouth is shut.
The world has trashed my love,
It was never enough, they said.
They told me to dump your teachings.
That I love less because I don’t love myself.
Mama, come hug me once more.
It seems that your girl needs to grow up again.

Mama, you never told me…
But I’m crying in tanks.
The world won’t take my tears because they are bitter.
They judged me before the could understand me.
You never taught me to love myself,
And now the world has trashed my love.

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