Mt. Kenya: The Abode of the Gikuyu God.

Mt.Kenya is the tallest mountain in Kenya, standing at 5,199m. It has three peaks;Nellion, Batian and Lenana. My tribe, the Agikuyu, believe that their God, Ngai, resides on this mountain.

The first man and woman, Gikuyu and Mumbi, lived at the foot of the mountain. Its peak can now be seen from as far as the Mwea plains. Did you know that Kenya is not the original name? The area that borders this mountain is called Kirinyaga and so is the name of the mountain but it is said to have been named Kenya by a white man who had a guide from Kambaland. Since the guide could not get all the syllables in the word Kirinyaga right, he said ‘Kíínyaa’ and the name stuck till date.

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    It is too bad that when we encounter a new name we do not take the time to lead the proper pronunciation. If I sounded it out right it has a better sound, although Kenya is okay. It is beautiful with the mist and snow.

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