Tahidi High Actor Omosh Breaks Into Tears, Says He’s Broke

Kenyan actor and star, Joseph Kinuthia aka Omosh broke into tears in an interview as he explained his current situation. Omosh is known for his comic character in the Kenyan TV drama, Tahidi High and his fourteen-year career in the film industry.

The Tahidi High favorite confessed that he is jobless and that he has a year-long rent arrears when asked how he is doing after the TV drama came to an end. He mentioned that he has been surviving at the mercy of his friends to provide for his family (two wives and five children). “When the Corona Virus started, I had to close all my side hustles. I really thank God for my friends… They have been there for me.” Omosh said amid tears. When asked how it all started, the star could not explain. After all, life never gives you a clear map really; life happens.

Kenyan Tahidi High Actor: Joseph Kinuthia (Omosh)

Omosh states that he was grateful to Tahidi High for giving him a platform to showcase his talent. He also said that he is a very good driver and can also do any small hotel jobs. He is requesting anyone willing to offer him a job to contact him through his number (0727054141).

Comments followed after the interview, with fans emphathizing with him. Most of his followers were tagging known media personalities like Jalang’o and Lulu Hassan to offer him an opportunity on their media platforms. Others, however, criticized his condition stating that with his fame and gift, he could thrive by creating a YouTube channel or by approaching major companies for advertising jobs.

Omosh is not the only one in his condition among the great artists we have in Kenya. We have many living in the same situation after being in the limelight for years. Some blame the government for poor policies, others blame it on their former employees… Others are not even in a position to tell. Kindly let us know what you think about this issue.

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