Yes, We Are Broken

They said that in the mind of every poet,
There lies depression, broken
They said maybe love never felt or a love despised.
That these weavers of words are shattered wares.
Maybe neglected wives or dishonored husbands.

They say that behind every great writer..
Is a broken past, a trail of pain.
They said writers are lonely and introverted
That our only companions is the ink that doesn’t judge us.
Our only solace is the words that decorate the scrolls
And our sole companion is the pen dancing between the fingers.

Maybe they are right.
It could be that our pain drips out when we write.
The same phrase goes that…
Broken hearts make the sweetest songs.
It is the scrolls that roll away the loneliness we fill.

So cheers to the happy souls!
Cheers to them that sail through worlds..
To read our art and pacify their scrambled minds.
Cheers to the judges who have no souls to pour..
Yet our words bring them calm and joy.
And yes… We are broken…
Like rocks to form the small sand and gravel
To sooth your feet as you walk to your brighter days.
Like tiny piece of diamonds,
Or the cold snow flakes…
And we will write on and on as it keeps us light.
Or how else would you smile knowing that you are right?

64 responses to “Yes, We Are Broken”

  1. This is so damn true and yes broken hearts make the sweetest song… My pain drips when I write and when I don’t want to speak to people I speak to the paper in front of me as “Paper has more Patience than People” It’s just magical and lovely!!! ❤❤

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  2. Broken and broke how low can ye go?
    To the nadir of the lowest rung in the present future and past!
    Broken dreams and broken hearts lest we forget the broken windows and how well did that go?
    Giuliani and his crewmen henchmen
    Made up numbers and brown black and some white went to prison for smoking ganja and the architect of the broken glass theory in regards to the 1994 Crimes Bill is now the president and hopefully for me the next to go to prison is Rudy Giuliani!
    Broken but I will be fine only thing I wish
    Is that this poem Rhymes! Jajaja 🙏🐕♒️ I guess you are correct as I have never seen it that way Yes we are broken up not down. The photos were great 👍🏾! Can I share the poem? Thank ya 🙌💃☮️🙏

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  3. This really spoke to me my friend. How beautifully you wrote about the poets heart. So many images and feelings poured into this gorgeous post. Thank you so much for sharing.

    I am sending you fairies 🧚‍♀️ to braid your hair and scratch your head till you fall to sleep at night. Sending love ❤️ Joni

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