Reblog: At The Edge of Life, I find You. — Classic Generation©

At the very edge of life,

And it’s always near,

Our Hearts look for solace.

For its always clear,

That with all the burgage we bear

We are not at Peace.

Can never find it.

Not even with meditation

No, not even within.

Within us lives nothing,

Maybe wishes And turmoil.

O! Lord, We don’t […]

At The Edge of Life, I find You. — Classic Generation©

10 responses to “Reblog: At The Edge of Life, I find You. — Classic Generation©”

  1. Good afternoon, Mariana

    the outermost edge
    my senses
    the limitation
    is the skin

    meanwhile the soul
    my mind
    attached with wings
    as if there were
    the universe

    my impermanence
    no beginning
    my mortal me
    in consciousness
    no end

    death goes next to me
    he doesn’t want to comfort me
    no matter what burden of sin
    I carry on my back

    I realized it over the years
    I lie next to good and bad
    on my way in between

    the inside is outside
    the outside is inside

    people try
    since they were conscious
    both with great effort
    to conscious action
    connect to
    the daily trial
    success for the better

    no turning back by force
    a sense of purpose
    of the Annunciation
    infallible wisdom
    and makes
    the chosen ones
    got the creatures
    brought blessings to the world

    Answer to: the Lord, [we do what we can in humility]

    Best regards

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