The Heroes of the Kingdom

The heroes of the kingdom,
Seekers of peace and happy living.
The fighters of freedom…
Bleeding red and white for the beauty of the kingdom.

The heroes serve the king,
Seated high and mighty on his molten gold.
He kills and fills and feels.
And he wants more of the molten gold
So he sinks and drowns and drinks.
Then he sends the heroes to get some more..

He drinks the value of maidens,
From their lips he gets the gold.
Through the heroes of the kingdom..
Seeking peace and happy living.
…. For the beauty of the land.

Yet the empire can’t hold…
The vast boundaries of unending peace.
The conquered kingdoms crash and splash.
They have no manners of peace.
So the king adds more soldiers…
The fighters of freedom.
Bleeding red and white, for the beauty of the kingdom.

16 responses to “The Heroes of the Kingdom”

  1. Dear Mariana

    The powerful
    do not be afraid
    others for themselves
    for fame and honor
    without human dignity
    to be observed
    to be killed

    the powerful
    kills without feeling
    also a king
    other world

    he likes his butt
    sit where he pleases
    the treasures
    Women because of their beauty
    and rob children

    his peace is us
    the cemetery peace

    i like the king
    the dictator
    the soul
    of the world
    not a drop of blood
    out of my veins
    To give him

    a king of his power
    sets over others
    is a child’s head
    and has no manners

    Best regards

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  2. Sadly Humans
    Tell Big Lies


    Of Minds

    With Words

    And Stories


    Lives Within

    A Soul of Love

    For All








    Of Clothes

    To Breathe

    Indeed Bird

    On Naked Wing

    Feather FLoWinG


    ‘The Wind’ 🦅

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