Success Equals Battles

From the beauty of the petals,
To the sweet glowing green.
Then the stalk that channels life…
Comes the thorns that pierce.

To survive the thorns,
To get to the roots,
The source of life…
To get the purpose…

We live to produce our kind.
When you get more seeds from life,
And you scatter them to get more beauty,
The process changes not.
The beauty and fruits and seeds increase.
And so does the thorns.

18 responses to “Success Equals Battles”

  1. Good day Mariana

    From the beauty
    of a woman
    her eyes
    her face
    I am
    I stay
    overwhelmed every day

    the thorns are
    that women in their
    innermost being
    me as a man
    are unreachable

    the roots of our being
    are mother to child
    her companion
    equal to all of us

    nature has man
    for the purpose
    that life
    without further ado without him
    then goes on

    we make life
    our children don’t
    we are needed for this
    them world
    to enable

    one’s own shadow
    the injustice
    the knowloedge
    for our own end
    we have to endure

    Best regards
    Hans Gamma

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  2. thorn torn rose born
    from the bud
    like a stinger
    a flitter a flutter
    fly by night and radar
    pull the pistol
    out give a scream a shout
    you dig on my groove
    neither o us
    got anythin further
    to proove
    save an act of love

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