My Tuk Tuk Ride

This is my ride home,
It stumbles and wobbles on three feet.
Yet the rider decided to take the narrow road.
Yesterday, it rolled while ferrying my granny.
And her skirts rolled up to her waist.

This is my ride home,
I heat they imported it from abroad
But the rider next to me won’t let my breasts rest.
His elbows pound them left and right.
I think he does it on purpose

This is my ride home.
My head throbs at the memory.
I have two potato sized bumps on my temple.
My rider said it’s the spice in the safari.
A bump on the road, and a bump on my temple.
Tuku Tuku… The ride goes
And I can’t wait to get home.

31 responses to “My Tuk Tuk Ride”

  1. Dear Mariana

    I know I am a man, the woman is exploited against a man’s assault, the woman has no chance.

    Instead of upholding the dignity of women as a person.

    Never mind that you didn’t spell my name correctly.

    I wish you a wonderful day.

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