Tuesday Trail

My tired legs took me for a walk this evening and I can tell you, it was barely two miles and I feel like I trekked to USA. You see, it’s busy around here; cars everywhere, motorcycles making their droning sounds… It’s a little annoying when your head is screaming with thoughts. But it also reminds me that I no longer have that little paradise we call “my space”. It’s all in my head!

On the trail today, I found young boys playing football. The field was unmarked, but the grass boundered the area (poor stems cannot survive heavy pounds). I couldn’t help but admire the fun they were having. Occasionally one of them would get hurt but after a few limps, he’d be fine. At times, they’d stop to watch a beauty passing by.

I’m sorry, I’m not such a good story teller but my trail got me thinking. If a painful moment can be lagged to a really slow motion, how many thoughts that happen in real time would we collect?
I also took a picture 🙈

The little line you see is the path to the sky 😂😂😂

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