Be Careful What You Say; Response by Hans Gamma

The soul speaks to every person in his conscience.
Before what I said or after what I did…
Accept the bad mood;
the question of what it relates to
my own conflict or not.
I can not determine another;
what is bad for him, what is good for him.
The silence against the inside.
There is no silence in the soul.
Nobody has the power to evil,
to banish myself in myself,

In others,
nobody can be in a game.
No spell will cast the shadow.
Please liberate in my own heart.
conquer the uncanny,
Judge what I said.
Consciously put my judgment on what I have done.
Accept my own ineptitude.
dare the better.

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27 responses to “Be Careful What You Say; Response by Hans Gamma”

  1. SMiles Bad Moods
    Are When Our
    Soul Speaks
    Positive Change
    Required Like When
    Motivating Us
    As Oxytocin Drops
    And in Bitter
    Sweet Dopamine
    Rises in Grief
    Indeed Fire
    To Reach
    And Touch Other
    Souls As Giving
    Warmth Key
    Send The
    Flame to The
    World Don’t Hide
    It To Go Out Inside
    And This A Blog
    Provides in A World
    Looking Down
    No Longer
    Looking up
    To See Eyes of Warmth🪶

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    • Guten Tag, Katiemia und Frederick.

      Ich kann Ihre Auffassung verstehen, indessen ist der Bereich der Seele schwer in Begriffe zu fassen. Ich denke, jeder Mensch hat eine Ahnung davon, was ihm das Wort Seele bedeutet. Ist dem so, so wird er keine wissenschaftliche Beweisführung, sondern von einem Ereignis, aus seiner Erfahrung den anderen berichten.

      Das mein berichten, keinen Anspruch auf die Wahrheit an sich darstellt, für andere Menschen sich nicht als etwas Wesentliches berufen darf und kann; mein Sagen kommt aus einem subjektiven Moment.

      Herzliche Grüße
      Hans Gamma

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    • Guten Tag,
      an Euch beide in Florida

      Ich kann Euer beider Auffassung verstehen,
      indessen, so denke ich
      ist jeder Mensch der unteilbaren Würde

      auch jener Mensch
      der sich nicht auf höhere Mächte beziehen kann

      sein Leben dem menschenmöglichen
      in die Tat
      zwischen böse und gut
      ohne die Sicherheit
      die eine und richtige Wahrheit zu besitzen
      der tägliche Versuch zum besseren

      wer seinen Gott in seine Erfahrung
      der Wirklichkeit von Welt gebracht hat
      der muss die Grenze
      zwischen Leben und Tod
      in seinem Glauben
      im Universum der Zeit
      nicht beachten

      er ist sich sicher auf
      dem Weg in das Reich Gottes
      zur rechten des Vaters
      im Paradies sitzen zu können

      Herzliche Grüße
      Hans Gamma

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      • Smiles Hans, If You Are Speaking Of Christianity, According to Luke 17:21, The Kingdom Of God
        And Heaven is Present Within
        For Us To Seek And
        Find; Whereas, Sadly
        It Has Been Misconstrued
        Elsewhere Now As Warned
        In That Same Verse And
        Still Lost For Those Who
        Expect For it To Be
        Delivered Somewhere
        In The Future Externally
        To Them… One May
        Gain Comfort And
        Respite That The
        Tao According to
        Lao Tzu And Samadhi
        According To Buddha Express
        The Same Higher Force of
        Bliss and Nirvana According
        To Krishna As Science Labels
        Transient Hypo-Frontality and
        Autotelic Flow And Indeed With
        Some Hypothesis that A Much
        More Intelligent Being Created
        This Existence as What They
        Name As A Simulation As
        The Fictional Movie Series
        “The Matrix” Portrayed at
        The Beginning of This
        Century; This Is All

        Very Interesting to

        Me; Yet None Of It is

        Necessary to Me Now

        As i Found This Kingdom

        Of Heaven Within At 3 Before

        i Spoke At 4; Just Living on the

        River Looking Across To The

        Forest And



        i Too Am A Leaf

        Of A Living Tree Forever

        Now Yet You ‘See’ That

        Reality, This Heaven, This

        Kingdom Of God Within

        Requires No Words

        For me

        As The

        The Torch

        The Bonfire Now

        That Spreads Within To

        Give And Share Free Is

        A Forest Fire Now My FRiEnD…

        Again to
        You Hans

        SMiLes of
        Heaven Now😁

        Other Than That If
        Written Text Did Not
        Exist And We All Lived On
        An Island With No Technology

        It’s Nice

        To Know

        Is Available

        To A 3 Year Old
        Child’s Vision
        Without Words…

        Smiles Or Perhaps
        ‘A Yoda’ At 50 Before
        He Could Speak Named
        ‘The Child’ For It’s True

        i Never sought Words

        To Describe This

        In Written Text Online
        Until 50 And It Has

        Literally Taken

        Me 10 Years And 12 Million

        Words; Including 8.8 Million

        Words of Free Verse Poetry

        To Express it This Way in the

        Last 88 Months; Yet NoW As

        Waves Continue To Change

        The Shoreline, This To

        Shall Evolve Now into

        A New Creation In

        Every Word of

        Song, Every Step of

        Public Meditative Flowing

        Dance in 88 Months And

        14,188 Miles Over Half

        The Distance Around the

        Globe As Well For this

        Another Verse Named

        John 14:12 That



        Too Shall Pass’..

        Yet i surely Need

        No Religion Or

        Church to

        Just Do It My

        FRiEnD As A Greek

        Goddess In Metaphor

        Of Nike Might Also Suggest

        Without All These Words too😁💫

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