Jamhuri Day: A Few Words About Kenya

If you’ve never heard of Kenya, then you already have, by reading my topic today!!! Better yet, please book a plane ticket and pay a visit to the country, I am sure you will not need a Visa and it’s also really cheap to come and to tour the country for some days. Let me tell you a little story…

The Kenyan Flag.

Long before people could record history, 44 tribes migrated and settled in different parts of a section in the East of Africa. The land was cool, green and unpolluted. They worshipped the gods in the mountains and rivers. I, particularly, come from a tribe in the Central part, where Mt. Kenya, the tallest mountain in the country is located. History lied to you that David Livingstone (I don’t remember whether it’s him) discovered the mountain. It’s all a lie. It was there long before even my tribe moved here. My people knew it was a mountain and they worshipped facing it. Also, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, the first president of the country, and the Mau Mau fighters hid in the forest around it when they fought for our independence.

A lion and a lioness: The Pride of Kenya

That’s where we are; Independence. The free Kenyan soil (It was free before the British came), is now 54 years old. That’s a number of times my current age but never mind. I’m talking a story about Kenya. Over the 54 years, we have enjoyed speaking English and building beautiful roads, railway lines, cities and wearing nice clothes. We also listen to Rihanna and Tasha Cobbs too. Also, our sons and daughters, like Barrack Obama and Lupita, are still making a mark beyond home. All I’m saying is that colonialism played a positive role in what Kenya is today and as we celebrate independence, again, I would like to remind you again, that you need to book a ticket and come. I will guide you around free of charge.
Did you know that Kenya hosts the Wildebeest Migration, which is considered a wonder of the world, every year. I would have loved to tell you a long story about my country. But I’d prefer if you told me first, what you’d like to know. Have a lovely day ahead.. And Happy Jamhuri Day, KENYA.

Wildebeests Migration:Crossing the Mara River

38 responses to “Jamhuri Day: A Few Words About Kenya”

      • LOL. Mimi na mzee mkubwa…
        I went back to Kenya with my wife and kids in ’88. It was fantastic.
        Daughter #1 is a doctor, an infectologist, she did a 6 month stay with Doctors without borders at the hospital in Homa Bay. They even gave her a Luo name.
        Personally I call her ‘matata mkubwa’ and her sister is, of course ‘matata kidogo’. 😉
        Pleasure to meet you Mariana.
        My best wishes for you and for Kenya (which will always have a special place in my heart)
        Happy holidays.
        Kwaheri sassa.

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  1. Nice post Mariana Dynasty. I admire your love for, and to show off, your country. Thanks for sharing.
    Maybe you could tell us the must-see places in Kenya for a visitor aside from the game reserves. 😍

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  2. I have always had a thing for kenya. Perhaps, because it a part of African. ( I love Africa💗💗💗 ). But I honestly think it’s because of the lions. I love adventures and I’ll definitely come around and tour Kenya someday.


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  3. What a wonderful post about your country.. I feel your love and pride for it and your history….and although I will wait until Covid is behind us, it makes me want to travel and see it. I am from Costa Rica..Tell me more about this Wildabeest migration..It looks amazing.How far do they travel? How long? Thank you for teaching the world about the country you know and love:)

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    • Hiiiiii… Glad to have you around. Qué están las cosas en Costa Rica hehe.
      I don’t Spanish. The Wildebeest Migration happens annually. I don’t know the specific details but I’ll research and write about it next week. That’s okay? Karibu Kenya (Welcome to Kenya)

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  4. Estamos Pura Vida aquí.. (“Pura Vida” is an expression we use to mean “the pure life” or all is going perfectly) but not really because we have much Covid in our country now. Thank you and I look forward to reading more about them, the Wildabeest..So nice to meet you too..Con mucho gusto :with much pleasure:)

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