My Poem Was Rejected

Hello dear ones,

So, in my long escape from posting on this site, I submitted a poem to the Split Magazine. Since it was rejected two hours ago, let’s critic, shall we?

The Song of a Neglected Mother.

           Mariana Dynasty

Some people live to die…

Enjoying lives without a single care.

They say it’s only once and forever you go,

Never to be traced, not to be remembered.

Some have made it into the memories of men.

They have engraved their names into depths of history.

Yet those are but a few.

Meet me,

A being who never gets a live once option.

I have scaled the heights of life,

I have journeyed to its depths.

My children are unborn yet they call me by name.

I have killed giants who waylaid my paths.

In a way, I deserve to be in the books and fairytales,

Yet that part of my story was erased.

My case is different, I die to live.

In my lifetimes, I was a goddess,

Kissing every rot with a breath of precious life.

And with each life I gave, I lost some of mine.

Now I am ages old and no one wants me.

They all boom with life and despise the years on me.

I want to die again, but this time…

I wish to travel into eternity.

Where love never ends and my value is constant.

I know they will miss me,

Because, I am the life in them.

77 responses to “My Poem Was Rejected”

  1. It may take multiple submissions and many rejections to get published. You are obviously talented. Not everyone likes the same things. Not every publisher is looking for the same things.

    I have had a few rejections, and I guess I am too thin-skinned to enjoy that process. Also, too old to have sufficient patience. At this point in my life, I am writing for the joy of it and to leave something behind for my children.

    The motivations and timeline of a younger person are quite different. If you want a writing career, don’t be deterred. Go for it! ❤

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  2. God, the way I feel right now, “They all boom with life and despise the years on me.”
    Beautifully done. No idea, other than their internal politics, why your poem (not you—don’t take it personally), was rejected.

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  3. Rejection Letters are free mosaic wallpaper, or flip them over and add a staple or bulldog clip for free scratch pads. To me, rejection letters, hardcopy or electronic, are a compent of the Big D of editing. DELETE. Simply remove that publisher fro your list. There is an alchemy to boiling down to the pure of finding the right place for your work. I feel to find the right place prior to utilizing rejection as any kind of nod to indicate to edit whatsoever. Keep developing the fluid fluency of your craft to sing in your clear voice. You have a prose-ey poetic, not something to lose. Just find the right publisher… or, self-publish. ‘No’ is not a judgment. ‘No’ tells you more about their lists than about the quality of your work. I suggest to not put your sovereignty in their hands.

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      • You’re most welcome, Mariana.
        Yes, I am published. I self-published the Mystereum Tarot in 2008 as both a complete deck with small book that also functioned as a full-scale maquette to shop to mass market publishers. With that and an idea to evolve the book portion I signed a contract with Schiffer Publications in 2009, expanded the book to a full 192-page Imagination Primer to go with a re-tooled Mystereum deck, and Schiffer published the boxed set “Tarot in the Land of Mystereum: An Imagination Primer” in February of 2011 —available on Amazon. There’s a direct link in my online shop, I believe bottom row 2nd from the right. I released “ImaginAction” in May, “ImaginAction 2.0” over the summer, a Monograph of my mandala watercolors, and re-released one of my poetry collections, “Prescient Remembrance: Dialogue of a Vampire” self-published in 2002. I’ve moved to online digital downloadable formats for my work for the time being so that anyone who can open a pdf can experience my work. NO Kindle required. Downloadable pdfs available at my online shop. My most recent publication is having two of my Mystereum card images (The Star and 6 of Wands) featured in Taschen Books’ “Library of Esoterica” by Jessica Hundley released this summer. Respectfully, it is one of 2 high honors I have received for Tarot n the Land of Mystereum, which makes my heart sing. Thank you for asking. I am glad to have found your site, and am looking forward to further.

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  4. Sweetie; don’t know how long you have been writing; rejection is normal; writers get 100s of rejections for years. Ask yourself: Who are my favorite poets. I hope you have a bunch. Your wording is very general and abstract; look at other poets and notice the details. Images help, ‘ie., just guessing, “the foot of a cricket,” announces the beginnnings of draught and drama ahead.” I just made that up. Look at Writing Down the Bones, if you have not done so. it is all a process. good luck, esther

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  5. Die Menschen
    die uns nachfolgen
    werden aus dem Born
    der Seele
    die ganze Geschichte
    des Universums
    der verborgenen Götter


    The people
    who follow us
    are from the fountain
    the soul
    the whole story
    of the universe
    of the hidden gods
    to drink

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  6. There can be many reasons for rejection. It wasn’t because you are not talented. I found your poem beautiful and moving. Never take criticism personal. Success many times is just numbers and timing. Always believe in yourself and I agree with Cheryl that you should write your enjoyment. It comes through in your poems. Never quit.

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  7. Bonjour ou bonsoir mon amie, ami

    Bonjour mon amie ami
    Je pense que cette journée sera illuminée de soleil
    Je viens te souhaiter une belle journée
    Sous une mélodie chanter par les oiseaux

    Journée de bonheur ou rien ne viendra te perturber
    Cette journée sera de beauté
    Bonsoir Amie AMI

    Pour cette nuit
    Je te souhaite une nuit de repos bien méritée
    Remplit de rèves flatteurs
    Des rèves que toi seule à le secret de bien gardé
    Sache que certains reves peuvent devenir réalité
    Que cette journée et soirée te soit des plus agréables
    Bisous amicales Bernard

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  8. This is a lovely poem!! It being rejected doesn’t mean much except from the fact that the people who read it didn’t enjoy it or maybe simply didn’t think it would add ”value” to their work. Art is very subjective and every human is just so different so it’s normal that sometimes your creations meet eyes/ears/souls that do not like them. Sure, rejection sucks but on the bright side, you seem to have plenty of people on here that enjoyed this poem ♡ keep writing, you got this 🙂

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  9. Feelings expressed through words can’t be judged, coz’ every poet has a deeper level of hidden emotions in each word! 🍁Just letting your inner most on paper that’s what a poet is meant to do!and You have done a great job! Maybe they know your capabilities and want you to get your best self out there…🍁

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  10. Poems are just mere words crafted by our feelings. Poets put their hearts out there letting their inner most emotions flow through the poem! No one judge the depth of passion put into each piece! Maybe they knew your capabilities to write better than what you have done…and want the best piece of your heart!🍁

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