My Unexplained Love.

I would write a for whole day about you. I would clear all the ink in the world just to put YOU on paper. I know so little about you, yet I feel like you are the closest to me. Maybe it’s because I have put you there, or maybe you forced your way around.
I think about you at every moment of my happiness and in those moments, it feels like your memories open my heart wide apart. It’s like my heart becomes the wings that flap gently to spread the love. I feel like my soul soars in the air just at the thought of your smile.

I would write a letter daily to you, to keep you updated on how far my soul has soared for you. I would mail you a lovely, colorful note explaining how I feel you closer and nearer despite you being so far. I have designed writing pads and learned words just for you. Yet I can’t tell you how much it means to me. I cannot explain my love just enough.
I will craft you into a beautiful fairy tail. I will tell it to the little angels over cups of ice cream. I will make you a beautiful castle, with beautiful flowers and butterflies. It’s my love that I want to explain. It’s my heart that so dearly want to confess. Yet I just can’t get it out in the way I want.

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