I love the way

Guys, you really need to read this. I’ve stolen it and dedicated to you all

Earl's scrivenings

I love the way
Your red-hot lips dance
When you lie to me you love me – forever and a day!

I love the way
Your brown eyes glint
When I lie to you I’ve got a gift – chocolate and chardonnay!

I love the way
Our hands move pawns
When we meet to play – I’ve won today!

Three posts today – I taste accomplishments!(Don’t burst my bubble, it’s been a long minute since I’ve posted here – I’ve been a closet poet the whole while, and happened to fall in love with -)
Does your love feel like chess?
Comment your experience down below and hopefully, you’re not alone!

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5 responses to “I love the way”

  1. Guten Tag

    Ich habe es wirklich gelesen

    Ich mag Deine Augen
    Dein schauen
    weit entfernt
    vor langem Abschied

    Ich mag Deine
    tägliche Anwesenheit
    in meiner Seele
    in mir

    Ich weiss dass ich Dich
    nie mehr sehen werde
    vor dem Abschied
    von dieser wunderbaren Welt

    Herzliche Grüsse


    Good day

    I really read it

    I like your eyes
    Your look
    far away
    long ago goodbye

    I like your
    daily presence
    in my soul
    in me

    I know that I am you
    will never see again
    before saying goodbye
    from this wonderful world

    Kind regards

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