Successful Hypocrite😏

Some people think they have gone through life
They narrate to others how unfair it has been,
The rough roads and the bumps
The tell of the injustices done on them,
By people who at the moment are struggling
They love to say, “they did this to us… We were not moved, we stayed humble”
They tell their success journeys when the end is not, yet.
The volume of their tales inspire hatred and competition rather than ambition
Their selfless judgements for the selfishness of others.
Hail most just and exalted!! We celebrate you hero.
As for us, we have never lived. We look up to you.

See how in your achievements, you have joined them that passed you through life
You became a villain in your own story.
You are passing on the traits to your precious kids
See your life! A reflection of all you use as lessons.
What difference is there in you? Now that you are in the same position they occupied?
Look into your soul,
Fish out your atrocities which may include your success story in its wholeness.

15 responses to “Successful Hypocrite😏”

  1. It might take ages to fish out my atrocities, Mariana. We are all heroes and villains. Smug one day and guilty the next. Our kids will be the same, for sure. Your writing sometimes makes me think of a well sunk into Artesian depths, allowing pressures to emerge and subside.

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    • It’s true but some people are just too much. I understand some things are innocently done and we are all guilty at some point. But, have you ever sat down with a thief and he narrates to you how people have stolen from him and how he stood strong?

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      • I might be pushing the boundaries here Mariana. Remember when the Twin Towers fell in 2001? Now to my eyes the bully boy (the USA military) had been around the world, kicking and punching and destroying things left, right and centre. Then he was punched hard, and it hurt, and suddenly became all self-righteous about justice, democracy and peace. 😂😂😂😂
        You might not agree with that, but it’s written in the spirit of truth and love. ❤️


  2. Guten Tag

    Ich kann nicht verstehen, dass Sie zu diesem Schluss gekommen sind.

    Allerdings so denke ich, bin ich für den Hass, für das Unvermögen anderer nicht verantwortlich.

    Ich habe keinen Massstab, keine Urteil, das mich besser machen würde über andere Menschen.

    Mir ist in meinem Leben, weder ein Held, noch eine heldenhafte Frau begegnet. Ich bin Mensch, nichts weiter.

    Herzliche Grüsse
    Hans Gamma

    Good day

    I cannot understand that you came to this conclusion.

    However, I think I am not responsible for hate, for the inability of others.

    I have no standard, no judgment that would make me better about other people.

    I never met a hero or a heroic woman in my life. I am human, nothing more.

    Kind regards
    Hans Gamma

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