I Still Remained

It was one dark night after another.
Nights so cold and so scary
They made me regret that the day had to end
That I would return home when light took rest
My heart cringed at the burden of their souls
Yet I could withstand their gazes when I entered the door
Their thoughts screamed loud inside my ears
And food set on the table was sweet no more
I turned cold every time I felt sleepy
Coz I knew the battle ahead was not for my winning
The length of my hair reduced at my every thought
And my bones found favor over my flesh
They sought to cast me out into loneliness
And out I went, followed by a lie
I left for peace, into a land unknown
And stronger I become with every battle I win

I would feel my soul diminishing within me
My life was but a cocktail of strife and regret
I struggled to please them who wouldn’t value me
I was to them but a pest, misplaced
Yet in the midst of the waters of derision,
The bitter taste of rejection
I still managed to keep my soul
I still managed to remain me.

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