Let Me Define Life

Do you know how a flower is born?
Let me tell you a story.
It’s a story of sacrifice and denial.
It’s a story of patience
Be keen and listen to my version.

There is a seed, willing to make impact
It chooses death and rot in the filth
It sprouts to life
The new life begins amidst trials of lack
It’s a special need, a need for perfection
Not too much sun, not too little.
Not too much water, not lack of it
As the years go by, it stretches towards the skies.

Time comes when it’s spring.
The life begins to blossom
Little buds, little hope and some days to fulfil
Then the sun rises and the petals display
It’s magnificent, a pure show of beauty
Yet this is the peak of it.

You want to know what’s next?
The flower falls in love with a bird or insect and dies.
You see? It’s always a sacrifice
So in death it becomes a fruit,
Nourished by the parent plant and bathed in the sun.
Beauty reaches maturity, maturity births age and the fruit falls to rot.
Oh! Welcome the next life. Here comes the journey on paths of sacrifice.

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