Curses in The Jar: #2, The End

It all started here in part one.

Amidst the fight to see who was right,
The pregnant lady or the champion behind it,
The crowd forgot that it did not concern them!
The parents, maybe.
But only because of the love attached.
The two lovers were pulled by the sides.
Some believed the lady was cheap,
Others said the man was impatient.
But oh judges! Do you forget?
That flesh calls strong when men are in love.
Do you dare forget how sweet love is?

If a man fell to his flesh,
And the poor lady submitted to his lust,
Why judge because you didn’t get through the same?
You think you’re strong, you’re wrong.
It’s just that you were not pushed enough.

See, this crowd demanded that customs be followed,
That the unwanted child be removed and put in a Jar.
The man would then throw it in a river. Oh! The ways of the wise ones.
But the beloved died during the removal of the unborn.
Her cries and those of the unwanted filled the jar.
As both bloods were carried to the edge of the stream,
Curses evaporated and filled the air,
To haunt the crowd for all lives to come.

19 responses to “Curses in The Jar: #2, The End”

  1. Everything, but look at the second paragraph: “Why judge because you didnโ€™t get through the same?
    You think youโ€™re strong, youโ€™re wrong.
    Itโ€™s just that you were not pushed enough.”
    You could argue with that, but isn’t it true?

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