Curses in The Jar #1

He was just a man,
Fallen into the flesh like a million others.
His blood is red and a dark skin
He had a heart that pumped both pain and joy
His eyes were white and black
Not a dazzling light as those of angels
So he had a moment with the queens of the earth
A moment of pleasure in lost lust.
And the result after would condemn him to fiery hell.

She was just a princess,
Massaged and puffed up by her father
She loved with the same love she received
And she believed in destiny
Yet she was the cause of her mother’s agony
But with a father’s support, a lady can’t be stopped
She journeyed with him to the land of the beginning.
Where clothes were meaningless, when sins were done in innocence.
Yet both knew that this was disobedience.
Now here comes the punishment
And curses are beating the drums.

18 responses to “Curses in The Jar #1”

  1. You are a wonderful sensitive writer…
    You sound sure of their punishment……The sexually transmitted Diseases that are starting to drive them insane perhaps. FILTHY ATROCITY Perpetuators caused Original GERM-warfare SINS.
    Regarding the intimate Father & Daughter’s love affair…maybe in the Spirit world, they once were/and are again Soul-mates XXX
    You never once mentioned abuse, at any time XXX

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