A Poet’s Story #1

I’ve been running, but maybe not fast enough
And holding on to life I hoped,
That you wouldn’t catch up to catch me
The thought of your canines digging my flesh
Or your tight grip holding my body tight,
The thought itself strangled

Behind me I could feel your heavy steps
With each leap, the impact made
My heart ran faster than my legs
And I wanted to single one last song alive
Before my groan and struggles could turn you on

So I remembered all my pain, my yearn for peace
The loneliness that had been my friend
Suddenly I slowed down and stopped
At least this time, I could feel your breath
Your chest heaving hard as your breathe came upon mine
My eyes closed, patiently hoping
That with one brutal kiss you’d suck the life out of my innocence

But see the irony of this wicked world
That kings leave royal beds to sleep on mats
They say life in the country is young and juicy
So they ride in young mares all drenched in dew
Their queens have grown cold and old…

To be continued…

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