Pic-Poem: Thursday

There’s the color, the fragrance… Then here comes the thorns.

27 responses to “Pic-Poem: Thursday”

  1. Yes, indeed, everything is a mysterious and sometimes unsettling hybrid of beauty and pain. There is the beauty of birth and the potential pain of loss or death in every object, creature, or person at every moment. This is why love is invariably tragic. We are so attached to what can only hurt us in the end.

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      • My sense is that the hardship or the error in every situation serves as a kind of reminder that perfection in the created universe is forever elusive. In my mind, it comes down to the difference between eternity and derivative or created existence. By definition, eternity is self-existing reality that lacks nothing. It is absolute reality. Ontologically speaking, there is nothing unreal about it. Therefore, it is not only perfect by definition, it is the model by which we measure the levels of perfection (or lack thereof) of everything else. Western religions tend to identify this eternity with “God.” Aristotle identified it with the “universe.” Regardless of how we think of eternity, it is intrinsically separate from anything that is created (meaning not self-existing), and so anything created must be lacking in some degree of perfection. Plato characterized this in terms of matter lacking some degree of its own perfected “idea.” Anyway, if this is true, then everything in the created universe will be imperfect in some manner and, definitionally speaking, cannot be otherwise.


      • Yes. By definition, anything created is lacking eternality, and that alone renders it imperfect. Conversely, it may seem that eternality would lack the status of being created, since eternal being is self-existing. Nevertheless, what the eternal creates is in fact an expression of itself, and so metaphysically the eternal is different from the created but is not “lacking” what the created has. Therefore, while the created is imperfect, the eternal is not.

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