An Empty Longing

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I feel a little too feverish

Like someone should bring me a blend of roses

Or a cream-filled cone to cool me

Like I need a thousand smiles

Wrapped in one box package

Or a million kisses in a small glass

I want wine but just a drop.

I feel intoxicated, like a beer-soaked sponge.

A little too drunk to keep my head at still.

A little too frenzied,

Like I want to dance

I am in a trance

Staring deep into nothingness

Looking hard at a road unending

I feel like I need a tap,

From a cold gentle hand.

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So I sit at one-twenty listening to my own music

A tune that upsets my nerve cords

Like a drum beat about by delinquents

And an enslaved soul at the corner of a cage

I have a small light to hold on to

A love once dead but pure in spirit

Begging me to hold my gaze on it

Like a straw I direly need before I drown

I feel a storm tossing me up and down

But I still take not the hand that reaches out

And senseless, I throw myself in

Drowning in my shame and wild thoughts

It’s here that the fisher casts His net.

And all my fears filter free

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